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ProBox boxes are available in either WHITE or BLACK. The boxes are molded from a fiberglass reinforced plastic with high impact strength.

The boxes come with a pre-installed cant angle that can be specified when ordering the boxes.

Each box has two stainless steel grub screws that are used to apply downward pressure on the fin to lock the fin and insert into the box.

Center boxes in thruster sets do not have an insert and the screws are opposing.

Boxes can either be order as thruster sets or side bite sets, for quads order two (2) side bite sets.

ProBox Products Title

Inserts & Plugs

ProBox has a patented insert mechanism that allows the cant angle to be adjusted by swapping out the insert!

Currently there are 4 different insert angles available, each of the angled inserts are a different color so that they can be easily identified. Current angles: BLUE - 0°, RED - 4°, BLACK - 6°, and WHITE - 8°. Inserts are also sold separately in pairs.

ProBox also provides positive buoyancy insert plugs that can be used to plug off a box in order to reduce drag if the boxes are not being used. This is handy for 2+1 fin setups or multi-fin boards where some of the boxes might not be used at certain times.

These plugs are sold in WHITE and BLACK to match the boxes, sold separately in pairs.

ProBox Products Title