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    Caring for People

    Safety and Health

    Our goal is to create a safe workplace wherever we operate around the world

    Our top priority is to keep our people safe and healthy, protect the communities around our assets and minimize our impact on the environment. We are committed to the continuous enhancement of our Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) management system, which aims to embed a health and safety culture in the daily work of every single employee and contractor.

    Commitment to Zero

    Our relentless focus on health and safety is reflected in ambitious targets to reduce the frequency, gravity and severity of accidents every year, with the long-term goal of achieving a zero-accident work environment at all our sites.

    Our ‘commitment to zero’ is detailed in our SHE policies and procedures.

    Safety at LDC

    We want to ensure that all our people, including contractors working with LDC, return home safely and without injury every day.

    In practice, this means that employees at all levels are responsible for the effective implementation of SHE policies and procedures, complying with applicable laws, regulations, rules and codes.

    In parallel, site managers and dedicated SHE managers in our industrial, logistic and agricultural units are accountable for ensuring consistent implementation of LDC’s health and safety programs, adopting industry standards as applicable.

    Safety in the Workplace

    In addition to providing all necessary protective equipment and duty-specific training to ensure the safety of our employees, we constantly invest in safety enhancements to protect them.


    We also make sure that our facilities are built and maintained to operate safely, protecting our employees, contractors and visitors, as well as the environment.

    Recognizing that it takes every individual to ensure an accident-free workplace, we expect all employees around the world to take personal responsibility for safety in their workplace.