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    Responsible Supply Chain

    Sustainable Coffee

    Sustainability is essential to mitigate the effects of climate change and to respond to consumer demand for coffee

    Sustainable practices are becoming the solution for higher volumes, quality and incomes for a crop that is notoriously difficult to grow, and predominantly cultivated by smallholder farmers. Good practices can mitigate the effects of climate change and respond to growing consumer demand for sustainable coffee.

    The Challenge

    As climate change alters temperatures and rainfall patterns, areas that were once ideal for growing coffee will no longer be suitable. We are already seeing this in several countries, with many coffee plantations struggling to meet increased demand.

    Inefficient farming techniques can exacerbate the situation, causing deforestation, soil erosion and the consequent sedimentation of waterways. This reinforces the effects of climate change and leads to flooding, which ultimately results in decreased coffee production.

    Without support, many local farmers are either forced to abandon their farms or switch to crops that are less susceptible to the effects of climate change.

    Our Approach

    As a leading global merchant of green coffee, we are well-placed to help smallholder farmers address the challenges they face, and make their production more sustainable and profitable.

    We believe that sustainable agriculture is closely linked with farmers’ economic wellbeing. That is why we choose to work directly with coffee farmers on the ground, supporting them through initiatives that aim to increase their income and productivity through sustainable practices.

    Our sustainable coffee sourcing program takes a holistic approach with three complementary streams:

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