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    Responsible Supply Chain

    Sustainable Cotton

    We work with partners to advance sustainable cotton production

    From sourcing certified cotton to promoting industry-best practice within and beyond our value chain, we work proactively to integrate sustainability into our everyday cotton operations

    Our Approach

    As a natural fiber, cotton has significant sustainability advantages over synthetic alternatives such as polyester. Cotton supply chains, however, are not without challenges. These relate to decent work and economic development, human rights and gender equality,  responsible production and water scarcity.

    Since these challenges mostly arise in agriculture, a stage of the supply chain that we do not directly manage, we partner with others to address them, particularly with the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), the International Labour Organization (ILO), the Association of Cotton Merchants in Europe (ACME) and Cotton Made in Africa (CMiA).

    Promoting the BCI’s comprehensive sustainability standards, working with partners to improve supply chain practices through local projects, and purchasing more BCI-certified cotton are the main ways in which we influence production methods.

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