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    Who We Are

    About Louis Dreyfus Company

    Founded in 1851, Louis Dreyfus Company is a leading merchant and processor of agricultural goods.

    Our activities across a diversified range of business lines span the entire value chain, from origination to distribution, helping to feed and clothe up to 500 million people every year.

    Our strong values, rich heritage, and clear vision for a safe and sustainable future guide us in our work to contribute to the global effort of providing sustenance for a growing population.

    We are LDC.

    More about us

    80 Million

    We originate, process and transport approximately 80 million tons of products annually


    We employ around 17,000 people worldwide


    We are active in over 100 countries

    A Strong Identity

    We are a company with high ethical standards and a strong identity, and we aim to make a real difference to the world through our shared purpose, vision, mission and values


    Since 1851, like our founder, we have been conscious of filling a great human and economic need, on a mission to bring the right product to the right location, at the right time.

    For almost 170 years, we have sourced agricultural products where they are grown, transported and transformed them for customers and consumers around the world, working with a wide range of trusted partners – from smallholder farmers to global organizations.

    Our Value Chain

    We are evolving from our traditional role as an agricultural commodities merchant to master more of the food, feed, fiber and ingredients value chain. Through greater vertical integration within our business lines, we aim to secure a seamless, traceable and responsible supply chain from farmers to end-consumers.

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    Committed to Sustainable Growth

    Our people, our partners, the communities we touch and the environment around us are essential to our success and future. We work collaboratively with a wide range of stakeholders toward the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals – 17 ambitious targets for a better world.

    Our Presence

    We have expanded our business activities to every continent. Our interactive global map illustrates LDC’s extensive geographic footprint and asset network.

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